The School of Metaphysics & Parapsychology (London, UK) delivers high quality classes and ONLINE courses in Paranormal and Spirit Phenomena, Evidence, Investigation, and  Resolution.


School-of-Paranormal-Studies-PhenomenaWe look at a wide range of paranormal phenomena from ESP & Psi, Ghosts and, Orbs to crop circles
Through lectures, discussion, practical exercises, project work and Case Studies we explore the field of Paranormal and Spirit phenomena including: ESP, Clairvoyance, Remote Viewing. Mediumship, Telepathy, Out of Body Experiences, Near Death Experiences, Psychometry, Psychokinesis, Poltergeist activity, Ghosts and Apparitions, Demons and Demonology, Demonic Posession and Exorcism, Past Lives and Reincarnation … and much, much more.


 School-of-Paranormal-Studies-EvidenceA look at the evidence for paranormal phenomena
We look at the widest range of evidence available from, in the mists of time, thousands of years of folklore and mythology through medieaval art and the Renaissance of Magick and Occultism to the modern period including the Victorian obsession with Spirit phenomena of Ouija Boards, parlour room Seances and the 19th century beginnings of the Spiritualist movement, modern Occultism and Psychology to contemporary evidence from analogue, digital and infra red photography, Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and other technology.


School-of-Paranormal-Studies-PhenomenaWe examine and discuss evidence of Spirit phenomena from a range of sources; clairvoyants mediums and psychics, witness statements, hypnosis, hypnotic and past life regressions, analogue and digital photography, audio and video resources. We discuss equipment, learn investigative methods and procedures, consider ethics and client management, undertake fieldwork, projects and Case Studies, collect and analyse data, look at record keeping and making your hobby into a profession.



Despite a majority of sceptics in the wider academic and scientific community, there are increasing numbers of Psychologists, Psychiatrists and other health professionals who, approaching the subject from a less dogmatic and more transpersonal perspective, are beginning to realise and identify that many physical, emotional, psychological and mental symptoms actually have a non-physical cause which in many cases can be a result of past life traumas, psychic attack and Spirit attachments. We explore and discuss possible methods of resolving such problems through psychic protection and cleansing, healing, past life regression therapy, cord cutting and Spirit Release among others.